Share Your Story: #MeetMedicaidPA Campaign


Starting last week, Allies for Children launched the #MeetMedicaidPA Twitter campaign to introduce our target elected officials to children and families who rely on Medicaid for vital healthcare services. Perhaps you are a new mother with a premature baby who depended upon Medicaid in the NICU, or you are caring for a child with a disability or chronic illness, such as cancer. Or, maybe you are experiencing a financial difficulty and cannot afford health insurance for your child.

Allies for Children wants to share your story, which can speak up for hundreds of families facing the same fear—the loss of Medicaid.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Tweet your story: Although it’s important to hear from children’s health advocates, government leaders would rather hear the message straight from families. Tweet your story directly to PA Senators @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey. You can also contact PA Congressmen @RepTimMurphy @KeithRothfus @MikeKellyPA @USRepMikeDoyle. If you aren’t sure who your congressmen is, find your representative using this search tool.

  • It’s important to include the hashtag, which is #MeetMedicaidPA, in your message, in order to track and share the stories. For instance, you can tweet, Dear @SenBobCasey, Meet my son Jacob, who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 7. Medicaid pays for his insulin to stay alive. #MeetMedicaidPA (Attach Child's Photo)

  • If you’re new to Twitter, please contact Allies for Children Communications Director Heather Hopson for help at or 412-586-0880 ext. 3, or you can watch this tutorial.