The history of early childhood education

Early childhood education — the care and instruction of young children outside of the home — has become a downward extension of schooling. It is now the first rung on the educational ladder. In many respects, however, this most recent addition to the pedagogical hierarchy is quite different from its elementary and secondary predecessors.

Commentary: Early childhood education gives kids their best chance at success and also makes good business sense

When you think about segments of society that strongly support investing in early childhood development, the business community may not immediately come to mind.

But it should.

Debate continues as to how much 'screen time' kids should have with devices

Lolly Grove is 3, but knows her way around a mobile device. Typical for a child of the American modern age, she has been sharing screen time with her parents and relatives for half her young life.

What makes Lolly different, however, is her parents’ studied approach to what she can and cannot access. On a recent evening at the Mt. Lebanon Public Library, Lolly happily bounced around the play room, stacking blocks and playing with puppets. There was nary an iPhone in sight.

State budget impasse: How are Pennsylvania's littlest learners being affected?

As owner of Little People Daycare School in Columbia, Sam Bhattacharya is responsible for the paychecks of 16 employees. But in recent months, he's missed a few — his own.

Once-troubled Duquesne apartment complex gets education center for adults, children

District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr visited the Hilltop Parkview Manor apartments in Duquesne on Wednesday to see firsthand the Early Head Start and adult education classrooms his office established recently in partnership with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.

Opinion: Hope for a budget, with K-12 funding

The boosts in funding to public schools that have been agreed to by both sides are perhaps the first true rays of light in Pennsylvania’s now 141-day-old budget stalemate.

The “framework” budget agreement being negotiated between Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican legislative leaders includes $350 million more for basic education and $50 million more for special education. The governor’s spokesman, Jeff Sheridan, also says the governor is committed to seeking $50 million more for preschool education.

Power of pre-K gets boost from new report countering Vanderbilt study

On the heels of a major five-year study questioning the long-term effectiveness of Tennessee’s publicly funded pre-kindergarten program, a new regional report calls on states to raise the quality of such programs and make early childhood development a priority.

The Raising of America: Early childhood and the future of our nation

"The Raising of America" is a documentary TV special about early care and education in this country.

You can watch every episode free online until Nov. 30.

The filmmakers say the documentary is the first national, fully integrated media/public engagement project that aims to reframe the way Americans look at early child health and development.

Opinion: Let's invest in what's best for children

Investing in early childhood education is a bipartisan national priority, a recent poll shows. ... We need bold thinking. We need to treat each child as if he or she is our own. Our future depends on it.



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