PAEYC wants to make sure that you satisfy your induction requirements sufficiently, so we’ve made the process simple.

We can provide you with a mentor, professional development, and an evaluator to aid in the completion of your induction requirements.  As a reminder, an educator is required to obtain 24 post baccalaureate credits, complete an induction program, and taught 3 years in their certified area and received 12 hours of mentoring and 6 successful evaluations before applying for their Level II Teacher certificaiton.

Additional mentoring is available if deemed necessary by the teacher, director and the mentor. We strongly recommend additional mentoring if an inductee receives an unsatisfactory evaluation.  

For most inductees, mentoring can be completed in less than 9 months.  PAEYC can also arrange for up to two evaluations per year, usually completed during the school year (September through May). The evaluation process may take a minimum of 3 years but is no longer than 6 years. 

Refer to the chart below for pricing. Please note that all costs listed are valid for November 1, 2014, through May 30, 2015 and subject to change. All prices are listed as per inductee. 

Please contact Jan Sapotichne at (412) 421-3889 or if you are interested in more information or to begin the induction process with PAEYC.  

To request an induction evaluation, click here.





Mentoring (12 hours)




Additional Mentoring (if necessary)


$60.00 per hour




$300.00 per evaluation


Professional Development (provided by and payable to PAEYC)


$200.00 for (2 credits)