Apr 13

Recent Studies Confirm That Quality Preschool Helps Children do Better in Life

There has been a good deal of buzz these days over universal preschool.

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Apr 11

Economic Value of PreK: Bill Flanagan Show, April 13, 11am

Tune into The Bill Flanagan Show on Sunday, April 13th at 11am on WPXI to learn more about the economic value of PreK.

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Apr 10

Want a Smart Investment for Kids? Try high-quality preK

If we invest tax dollars in a way that reduces public school costs, increases graduation rates, lowers spending on crime and social...

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Apr 2

Celebration Dinner, Thursday, May 1st

Please join us on Thursday, May 1st, to close the Month of the Young Child, to honor YOU and the important work you do each day for...

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Mar 20

Pittsburgh Smart to Emphasize Early Childhood Education

An article in response to "Pittsburgh Part of a National Conversation on Education" (March 10), Barone-Martin highlights why it's a...

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Mar 18

EECapacity announces the Urban EE project

EECapacity announces the "Urban EE" project-based...

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Mar 11

Pittsburgh Part of National Conversation on Education

Yesterday, Secretary Arne Duncan named Pittsburgh 1 of 15 cities to engage in community conversations about early childhood education,...

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