Oct 22

UnConference 2016: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

It takes a village to raise a child and no one understood that better than Mister Rogers!  This UnConference explores the importance of community and your friends in the neighborhood – from the local barber who encourages students to study and play safe to forward-thinking family support...

Nov 7

PAEYC Online- Promoting Preschooler Social/Emotional Development

Participants in this session will explore the question, “What is social and emotional learning, and why is it important?”  By Providing positive social-emotional opportunities for young children they will develop skills necessary to build a solid foundation and feel good about themselves while...

Nov 7

PAEYC Online- Using Assessment Results to Lesson Plan

Participants will gain an understanding of how to properly review the results of child assessments and use that information to plan activities and lessons for the classroom to meet the appropriate learning levels and desired outcomes for each student.

Nov 7

PAEYC Online- The Right Fit: Recruiting, Selecting and Orienting Staff

Successful staff recruitment and selection is a crucial component of administering high quality early education programming. Having the right teacher in the right position requires that program administrators have a repertoire of effective recruitment, screening, selection, and orientation...

Nov 7

PAEYC Online Article Review- When Behavior Charts Don’t Work, Throw Them Out

“Change your card,” “Move your clip,” “You’re on [color]!” Sound familiar? Behavior charts have become a trendy strategy of approaching classroom behavior management within early educational environments. However, do they really work? Why or why not? This course provides an opportunity for...

Nov 7

PAEYC Online- Inspiring Peak Performance: Competence, Commitment and Collaboration

How do I motivate my staff? How can I encourage my teachers to be more committed to the field? We’ve heard the same issues, framed the same way for years within our field. In this session, we will begin to break this cycle of questioning towards action planning! Online, program administrators...